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Fiona Caulley

Accredited Family Law Specialist

With over 20 years’ experience, Fiona Caulley has been recognised as a leading family lawyer in Queensland and as a recommended family law in Australia by her peers in the Doyle’s Guide to the Australian Legal Profession.

An empathetic family lawyer who provides legal advice, care and guidance to people experiencing relationship breakdown or those seeking advice prior to or during a relationship, including as to prenuptial and financial agreements, Fiona’s clients comment that she is highly responsive to understanding their situation.

An Accredited Family Law Specialist, Fiona is highly regarded for providing big picture, commercial and practical advice to her clients. She has a depth of experience in property matters, including where there are complex company and trust structures and third-party interests.

Phillips Family Law

Fiona's Approach

A key characteristic of Fiona’s approach is sensitive communication with her clients, allowing her to quickly develop a genuine rapport whilst providing high level legal advice and adopting a holistic approach.

Always on the lookout for the positive in a situation, she is able to work with her clients and their advisors and other professionals to find mutually beneficial outcomes and opportunities for them.

Fiona also has expertise in complex parenting matters, including those involving interstate or international relocation, having previously been appointed to the panel of Independent Children’s Lawyer – working to represent the interests of children, and collaborative law – working with clients to avoid costly litigation where possible. Fiona’s expertise in this area was recognised by her peers as a leading Queensland lawyer advising in parenting matters.

Enjoying positive working relationships with other lawyers and professional colleagues including accountants, valuers, counsellors, psychologists and psychiatrists allows Fiona to assist clients to achieve the best possible outcomes, both in a legal and personal sense.

As a Past President of the Family Law Practitioners’ Association of Queensland (FLPA), Fiona has a strong commitment to learning and constant improvement of her skills and those of her colleagues. She was elected to the Executive Committee of FLPA, by its members from 2009 and she held the role of President from November 2016 until November 2018.

Previously a Consultant Author for CCH, Fiona regularly writes articles relating to family law:

4 tips to look after yourself during a separation or divorce

What do “separation” and “divorce” really mean?

How do pre-nuptial agreements really work?

Fiona Caulley


Fiona has been recognised in Doyle’s Guide to the Australian Legal Profession as:

Leading Family & Divorce Lawyer in Brisbane from 2018 – 2024

Leading Family & Divorce Lawyer in Australia in 2021 and Recommended from 2019 – 2024

Leading Parenting & Children’s Matters Family Lawyer in Brisbane, Queensland from 2018 – 2024

Leading Family Lawyer specialising in High Value & Complex Property Matters in Brisbane in 2021, 2022 & 2024

Recommended Family Lawyer specialising in High Value & Complex Property Matters in Brisbane from 2019, 2020, 2023

Fiona is also recognised by Best Lawyers – 2024 in Family Law

Award logo that reads: Leading, followed by the word Doyles and Family Law 2024. Team recipients include Fiona Caulley
Award logo that reads: Leading, followed by the word Doyles and Parenting Law 2024. Recipients from our team include Fiona Caulley,
Award logo that reads: Leading, followed by the word Doyles and Complex and High Value Family Law 2024. Recipients from our firm include Fiona Caulley,
Best Lawyers Award Family Law logo awarded to Fiona Caulley.

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