Advising Third Parties

At times, without even realising it both of the parties to a separation may end up impacting other people with whom they have a business relationship or family members whom they may be financially intertwined with.

Advising Third Parties

Advising Third Parties to Family Law Matters

We advise and have acted for many third parties to family law disputes, such as companies, trusts, business partners and creditors or family members and typically, adult children, siblings and parents, of those going through a separation, about their rights.

The matters we assist with are varied – from protection or recovery of assets to the disclosure of documents or answering a subpoena.

Where third parties have financial or commercial interests that are intertwined with the separating couple, we advise them how to best navigate these issues, so as to ensure that their interests are not prejudiced.

Common Questions from Third Parties

Here are some of the more commonly asked questions we receive from people, particularly those who have business interests with one or both people navigating a family law issue or dispute. Click the arrow to reveal our team’s insights.

Often there are partnership agreements or shareholder agreements that prescribe how people can buy in or out of the business. If there is no agreement in place, then you should seek urgent legal advice from both a commercial lawyer and a specialist family lawyer with vast experience in matters like these, to determine what may be possible to minimise the impact of the processes related to the separation and divorce of a business partner.

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Advising Third Parties

Family Law Advice For Third Parties

Unlike divorce, the property settlement process can commence immediately from the date of separation. If a family member or business partner is separating from their de facto partner or spouse, or intends to, seek early legal advice from a specialist family lawyer and a commercial lawyer with great experience in similar matters.

Our property settlement lawyers assist clients in Brisbane and across all states and territories of Australia. We regularly assist interstate clients as well as international clients who have business interests in Australia and abroad.

We meet with our clients in person at our Brisbane office, online or via phone.

Specialist Third Party Family Law Advice

Our highly experienced team has helped hundreds of third parties to family law matters, including family businesses and those with complex trust and business structures, to be aware of their rights and options.