Jennifer Spink

Phillips Family Law

Jennifer Spink

Practice Manager

Jennifer is naturally self-motivated and driven to perform. Her instinctive ability to draw on the individual strengths of those around her has resulted in her successfully building a team that is as equally driven.

Her leadership of the support team, her relationship building skills and her focus to lead by example, ensure that the people our team assists receive the highest level of discretion, respect and care.

Being responsible for and playing an integral role in the operations and management of Phillips Family Law, Jennifer’s role entails various management functions, which include human resources, business development, precedent development, finance and IT support.

Through providing support, solutions and processes, she continues to achieve the main goal of Phillips Family Law – happy and satisfied clients and an engaged and happy team who enjoy coming to work each day.

Jennifer continues to play an integral role in supporting significant projects undertaken as part of our alliance with Law Australasia.

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