Legal Advice Before Separation

Phillips Family Law provides discreet and confidential consultations for clients considering a separation or who are concerned about an impending separation. These pre-separation consultations can be invaluable in arming you with information to maximise your opportunity for your children’s continued time with you, the protection and security of assets, and the gathering (or protection) of documentation that will be required in the legal process.

We address:

  • the legal consequences of separation;
  • strategies to minimise the impact for separation on children and how to address parenting arrangements in the short and long term;
  • the identification and valuation of assets, particularly where there are complex financial structures;
  • the range of likely outcomes in terms of:
    • arrangements for children;
    • interim and ongoing financial support both for children and spouses; and
    • property settlement.
  • whether assets held in companies or trusts are part of the pool of property for division and strategies for accessing those assets;
  • the rights of third parties such as family or business partners involved in business or companies;
  • the protection of assets; and
  • the gathering of documentation that will later be required.

Pre-separation consultations prepare you for the often complicated path ahead so that any decisions you make in relation to a separation are made from an informed basis. Strategies which are employed before a separation can reduce the need for legal dispute in the future and significantly minimise your legal costs.