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Marital Breakdowns, Divorce and Separation, Family Disputes can all wreak tremendous emotional and financial stress on individuals and family members. Having someone to guide you and help through these difficult times, can help you get the best outcome for yourself and those you care most about.

Family Law is one of the most emotionally charged areas of law because it deals specifically with relationship breakdowns and all the surrounding separation issues that bring up fears and uncertainty that people don’t deal with in every day life.

With arguably the most respected Team of Family Law Specialists in Queensland, you can take comfort in the professional advice designed to guide you as painlessly and effortlessly, through this most difficult time for you.

Tony Phillips has been practising Family Law since 1984. His loyal Team of Family Law specialists and support staff service Australian and International clients – especially with matters relating to Family Law in the Brisbane and Queensland areas where local representation is sought after.

Family Law Services are widespread and the depth of experience and practical advice offered covers areas such as:

Having a Family Lawyer represent you can bring peace of mind, expert family law advice to help you understand your rights and resolve matters in a timely and beneficial way.

Phillips Family Law has male and female family lawyers to make you feel most comfortable.

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