About Us

About Us

When a relationship breaks down, a new journey begins.

It is a testing time for everyone involved and requires a legal approach which is collaborative, sensitive and caring. But importantly, legal representation must also be knowledagble and assertive, and prepared to take on disputes, if and when required.

Tony Phillips has been practicing since 1984, most recently with the launch of Phillips Family Law. Our role is to guide you through the process so that the journey is as supportive and pragmatic as possible.

We are family lawyers who strive to provide practical and realistic advice to help manage our clients’ legal issues, make them fully aware of their legal rights and achieve resolution.

To ensure all of your needs are met, we work closely with other lawyers and professionals such as counsellors, psychologists, social workers, accountants, tax specialists, financial planners and other lawyers.

When we refer you to another professional, be assured that you will receive the same high level of service and personalised attention you get from us.

We only work with other people who are as committed to caring for their clients as we are.

Family law is sensitive and complex. Phillips Family Law can help you every step of the way.

The way we do business

The Phillips Family Law team is expert and committed. We are a reputable firm, renowned for technical legal expertise with a discrete and sympathetic approach.

We are calm and level-headed family law specialists.

We believe in providing our staff with the technology and professional development to achieve this goal. We encourage them to forge relationships with our clients for the long term.

We promote honesty and integrity which ensures frank and open discussions between all parties.

Our Culture

At Phillips Family Law, we have a culture of caring for both our clients and each other. We enjoy a working environment that is welcoming and supportive.

Our own culture is reflected in the way we treat clients requiring family law advice.

The result is a positive and caring approach which looks after everyone, respects each person’s point of view and fairly considers all perspectives.